Thoughts on programming by Nick Telford

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A seasoned developer, I have strong roots in web development and software architecture, with a keen interest in distributed systems and infrastructure.

The posts on this blog do not in any way represent the ideas or opinions of my current or former employers.

Recommended Reading

I have compiled a list of articles, presentations, books and papers that, I believe, every software engineer should have read/watched. So important, I think it deserves its own section on my home page.

Read the list or be forever doomed to mediocrity.


Projects that I hack on, when I have the time:

Many of these projects are incomplete, experiments or just not a good idea. Judge for yourself, but take it all with a pinch of salt.

a UUID handling library.
an API for working with arbitary timing devices.
Dropwizard Extra
a set of additional modules for integrating with Dropwizard.


No posts yet, be patient, I'll write something soon.